Local Listings: Your Best Bet at Trumping Google

Learning why local listing are becoming the SEO of the future should be the #1 priority for small to medium enterprises. Read this to find out why.

If You Don’t Want A Business Website, These Are The 5 Things You Definitely Need

We’ve talked to a lot of Australian businesses lately and most of them say they just don’t believe the hype about websites and their transformative abilities. We always remind them that a website isn’t going to make a bad business good and more importantly that many good businesses don’t have websites. But it’s also crucial to note that even if you choose not to have a website you need to have an online presence or you risk losing potential customers.

GBP Search Keys – Maps content and relevance

The updating by Google of both the main and Map search algorithm to improve the user experience is part of the continuing drive by Google to improve the Google Business Profile product and experience for those customers searching for products and services.
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