Want to be found ahead of your competitors on mobile devices? Then get your website a Jetpak and shoot up the rankings on mobile. Jetpak is an Accelerated Mobile Page that serves your site 4 times faster on mobile phones. Leave your competitors in the dust with our Jetpak package.

Lightning Fast Accelerated Mobile Page

Our Jetpak is an Accelerated Mobile Page delivered up to 4 times the speed of the average site.

Deployed On Any Site, Any Server

We will install your site’s Jetpak wherever your site may be hosted and whatever your site may be made of.

Drop Your Bounce Rates, Increase Your Customers

50% of customers leave a website if it doesn’t load in less than 3 seconds. With our Jetpak you’ll never lose impatient customers on mobile.

Mobile-Centric, Not Mobile Friendly

75% of searches in Australia are now made on mobile phones, it’s no longer about being mobile friendly, it’s about being mobile-centric. Our Jetpak is a mobile-centric strategy you can easily bolt on to your site.

What is Jetpak?

Jetpak brings the Google innovation of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to your website. We deploy a custom Accelerated Mobile Page on your website wherever you have it hosted. This will make your site load almost instantaneously on customer’s mobile phones and it will also lift it up the mobile search rankings.

Why Get A Jetpak?

Let’s be honest who hasn’t wanted to use a Jetpack at some st age in their past? Ever since James Bond in Thunderball we’ve been wanting to use one. Well we can’t offer you a Jetpack but we can offer one to your website. Why should you kit your website out like that? Because your site is probably getting over 3/4’s of its traffic from mobile phones. Soon it will be eighty and then ninety percent. Those customer’s are impatient and they want your site to be served as quickly as possible. With a Jetpak AMP installation your site will be 4 times faster, making your customers happier and helping your business grow. You only get 3 seconds to load your site before half your visitors leave. Don’t lose that business, get a Jetpak today.

Fully AMP Compliant

Our Jetpak is fully AMP compliant. You will be able to see the effects with your own eyes, not only will your site load almost instantaneously on mobile but you’ll notice your bounce rate drop for customers looking at your site on their phone too. And if you don’t trust that you’ll also be able to check with Google’s AMP compliance tool.

4X Faster On Mobile

The main reason to get a Jetpak for your site is to make it faster. Along with the simple things you experience from a faster site there are also other unseen benefits you may not be aware of. These include higher search results on mobile, longer dwell times and higher conversions on your site, higher customer satisfaction and more leads.

How Do You Put An AMP On My Site?

Quite simply you give us your login and we’ll easily upload your Jetpak without touching your main site or taking up more than a Megabyte on your account. We have deployed hundreds of these Jetpaks to all sorts of sites on all sorts of servers. Once we’ve installed the Jetpak there is a quick AMP validation test we conduct on Google’s site, you can do it right now to see if you already have an Accelerated Mobile Page by clicking here. Then we run a quick speed test (something you should also try for your site by clicking here and putting in your web address) and lastly we conduct trials on different smart phones. Once we’re happy we send your Jetpak live and you end up with something like what’s behind the button below (remember it’s best experienced on mobiles).

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