Case Study

Marbex Facebook Ads Campaign

Marbex is a Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations specialist based out of Belmore, NSW. In November of 2019 business owner George employed us to generate more business using Facebook as his preferred medium. For the price of one coffee a day Marbex was able to generate leads from Facebook that would generate a potential return of 40 times his total investment of $845.

As the ticket price for Marbex's services was at the higher end of the scale the primary objective of the campaign was purely to generate leads allowing George to confer with the contacts, establish what they were looking for, and upsell his services.

Once our team was designated access to the page we began building a demographic based on the information that George had provided. By utilising our teams expertise in the area, alongside our organisations wealth of data accrued from years in marketing, we were able to built a highly specialised demographic specifically suited to Marbex. Our demographic was designed to adapt using Facebook’s artificial intelligence engine in order to target potential customers with a higher probability of conversion with an emphasis on targeting areas specified by the business owner.

Once this was complete we began designing an ad set. Our aim was to build a welcoming yet professional identity for Marbex. Using the images provided by George we settled on utilising multiple images and copies that would provide variety should a potential customer revisit the ad. We also designed a separate ad set that would run prior to the main ads. This separate ad set was designed to generate likes ahead of the main campaign in order to build trust with the potential customers. As Marbex is yet to be a household name the best way to build trust was to allow the customer to form their own opinion based on the information present. Often this opinion is based on what the engagement and likes the page currently has, hence why the objective of this seperate campaign was to generate likes.

Once the primary previews were approved by George our ads were deployed and entered the learning stage. In the first two weeks there were only 1 On-Facebook lead for George. However as the ticket price for George’s services was in the thousands a single lead would pay for the investment. With George providing an estimated 25% conversion rate this learning stage alone would likely have net the business the amount invested in the campaign.

Once the algorithm had generated enough data to dynamically target the optimal audience we ran the ads for 3 consecutive months, while providing reports at the end of each monthly segment. In total George’s page generated 32 new likes, 8 leads, and 200+ clicks to destinations related to the ads such as his site of Facebook page. With the average bathroom renovation in Sydney setting you back between $15,000 and $25,000 the estimated return on investment for this campaign was potentially $40,000. More than 40 times what was initially invested.

Since the initial 3 month campaign George has since reinvested in another campaign with us and is regularly updated with positive reports from our team and fresh leads to improve custom.

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Key Results

  • Estimated 40x Return on investment (ROI).
  • Generated New Leads from a Fresh Source.
  • Began building a social customer base for repeat sales.